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Centurion Motor Oil


The aviation sector encompasses actors such as Private Jet and aviation companies or airports. We provide a solution based on the product range AeroShell and etc..., available on the market for more than a teine years and which built its reputation thanks to multiple collaboration with the different actors on the market. Why should you choose the AeroShell product range? It reinforces the engine's performances It reinforces the engine's efficiency It reduces the total cost of maintenance


The agriculture industry remains essential in Slovakia, Germany, Austria etc... Many farm companies already trust our solutions which help them taking care of their investment in agricultural equipments. Shell products that we suggest ensure an operational reliability for the whole equipment: to extend their life cycle, to reduce the maintenance costs and to offer a constant availability. A mandatory asset, especially during seeding and harvesting periods. Aware of the difficulties of the sector, our solutions aim to reduce the total cost of your maintenance, and guarantee the necessary reliability for the profitability of your activities.

Food industry

Even more in the food industry, the use of the right lubricant is mandatory. Wherever the food is produced, transformed or conditioned, our Fuchs Cassida products range will satisfied your highest security and performance requests. Our advisors will also accompany you on-premise in your use of Fuchs Cassida products to contribute in the security of your production.

Automotive industry

In the automotive industry, the growing complexity of the engines and transmissions, the race to a reduced consumption and the necessity to reduce the CO2 emissions require a dedicated approach in terms of lubrication. To answer this evolution, Shell has developed its Shell Helix products range based on a brand new technology: Shell PurePlus Technology, a full synthetic oil produced from natural gas. This oil offers an exceptional level of cleanliness and protection for the engines. Shell is developing personalized solutions for different actors in the industry: franchised workshops, independent workshops, fast fits, wholesalers,… Each of those actors are in need of a solution meeting the standards of the OEM’s for the maintenance of the vehicles and allowing them to develop a profitable business. The actors in the production chain are also looking to reduce the downtimes of their equipments and increase the productivity of their processes.

Quarry & Cement industry

Harnessing the natural resources of our soil remains an important industry in our economy. Usually, these activities are taking place under extreme conditions for the equipment (for instance heat, coldness, humidity, heavy duties and vibrations on the components) which increase the constraints on the machines. These conditions require the use of top-tier quality products in order to maximize the availability of the machines and reduce the total maintenance cost. Our partnership with different actors in the industry allows us to understand the real challenges faced in your business. Our solutions will help you to ensure the reliability of your equipment under the respect of the environmental norms and OEM’s standards.

Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry is a wide sector covering a large range of applications. Our industrial web contains SME’s, but also multinational companies. The main challenge to ensure the profitability is the sector is to improve the productivity of the production chain by maximizing production times, minimizing downtimes and focusing on production quality. Facing the multiplicity of applications, we provide a wide products range to meet your goals. We want to contribute to a better protection of your machines by sustaining the production rhythm and extend the maintenance intervals.

Energy Industry

Facing a growing demand of energy to sustain the development of our economy, the industry actors are facing multiple challenges: diversification of supply sources, compatibility of the production processes, logistics of the energy to consumption zones… These challenges require the equipments to be efficient under sustained cadences during long periods and they need to use high quality lubrication solutions to ensure the availability of the equipments on the long term. Our solutions will help you reduce your needs in maintenance in order to increase the production times. Usually, these solutions are based on synthetic oils.

Transport Industry

The transport industry is an important part of our economy. We provide solutions to help you in passengers or goods transport. Our partnerships with global transport leaders allow us to understand your challenges. Our solutions will help you ensure the reliability of your fleet, respecting the environmental norms and OEM’s standards.

Metalworking Industry

The metalworking industry is an important part of the Est country economy. Alongside the large companies in the steel industry, we encounter many smaller SME’s in the metalworking and especially in high precision machining. The conditions of their profitability are partially concerned by the strict control of their production costs. Our solutions are designed to increase the production process efficiency while ensuring the respect of the health, environment and security norms.

Civil Engineering Industry

The civil engineering industry is an essential sector servicing the productivity of our economy. The industry is currently facing more and more challenges: Reduction of the operations costs for a better profitability Respect of the deadlines of the construction site to avoid the penalties linked to delays in the planning. Working in places far away from current roads in extreme conditions. Our partnership with the different actors in the sector allows us to understand the challenges in profitability that you are facing. Our solutions will help you ensuring the reliability of your fleet, in a secure way, respecting the environmental norms and OEM’s standards.